This page is designed to help you decide whether the minature smooth haired dachshund is the breed for you.   The breed orginates from Germany, and the name literally translates to Badger Dog.

There are lots of really good sites on the internet giving good information about the history, and standards of the breed, rather than put that information here, we have linked some good information sites on the links page.

Below we will tell you about our personal experience of the breed, and this should help make the decision.

We only breed miniature smooth haired dachshunds, they usually weigh less than 5kg.

Ok, so Dachshunds, we wouldn't say they are stupid dogs, but if you want to train a dog to jump through flaming hoops, walk on its back legs, or bark the national anthem, then you have come to the wrong place.

Dachshunds are loyal, loving, playful, interesting little dogs, who love to play with toys, each other, and you.  They will race to the door to greet you like you have been away for a month after only five minutes, and run upstairs to wake you in the morning. 


They are the ultimate in lap dog, and will curl up in an evening to watch TV, but get a ball out, and it will be playtime again.

They can be greedy dogs, and you have to watch their weight as given their elongated bodies excess weight can cause spinal issues, a regular exercise and diet programme will help you.

They are superb little watch dogs, and will bark at the first signs of a stranger approaching your property, the postman or the doorbell.  The little dogs bark is bigger then the little dog, making them an excellent deterrent from behind the door.

They need well socialising as puppies to ensure that their natural caution to strangers is overcome. 

Overall, the miniature dachshund is an easy care dog, you don't need a huge house or garden, they dont take over your house with only a little crate or bed required, and you can reap the benefits of ownership.

A word of caution - If you dont like the word 'Aaah' then don't get a miniature dachshund, because wherever you go with them, especially as puppies this is all you will here.

If you need any further information, please contact as via the contact sheet, the left hand tab on the home page.