Please click on the links below - we do not endorse any of the products, but have found them to suit our needs, and may also be helpful for others.


Arden Grange

We use Arden Grange food for all our dogs from being puppies.  Having tried various foods over the years we find our dogs thrive on this food, and the price is excellent.



Blacheborne is our kennel club affix for our English Springer Spaniels.  We breed and work the dogs from kennels at home.  As working dogs, the spaniels live outside in quality kennels 365 days a year, unlike the Dachshunds who live with us inside.



Help for Heroes

Blacheborne supports this charity.  In 2009 I took part in a walk from Bowness to the top of Langdale Pikes carrying all kit, including tents and cooking equipment.  The event raised approx £1500 for this worthy cause.  Please click on the link and see what you can do to help.



We are qualified to implant microchips, and will complete this simple procedure before you collect your puppy.  Pet Log is managed by the Kennel Club, and the chips and scanners are Europe wide so if your dogs gets lost, a simple scan can see it reunited with you.


Dog Health

Having bought various dog crates over the years, we have found these to be good value for money.  They are sturdy, without rattles, and are good quality.


Dog First Aid Course

A real essential for us, but well worth it for anyone with a pet.  This course is only £60, and consists of 4 sessions in the evening.  Would you know what to do in an emergency with your dog ?



On line dog resources







A listing site for dogs throughout Europe








Dog Club

A complete internet dog directory